Wedding Decoration Ideas 

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Whether you are looking to keep the décor to a bare minimum or your historic wedding venue does not allow big installations, the following wedding decoration ideas are totally doable. Use them to turn your wedding into the best celebration of your merging personalities.

1. Ceiling Drapes

It is amazing what you can achieve with a little fabric. While draping your ceilings, however, ensure that you keep it elegant and formal with white fabric. Alternatively, if you are looking for that fun vibe, go for such bright colors as yellow. This approach will allow you to go a little light on the décor on the tables while still giving you that uniquely decked-out wedding decoration look.

Ideas for Wedding Decoration
Do you need special wedding decoration ideas? Our unique collection of ideas for our wedding are exactly what you need to know to make your day spectacular.

2. Patterned Pillows

If there will be a lounge in the reception space – or you can get one made using rental furniture – consider heading to a house-ware department for a couple of pillows. There are tons of amazing IKEA style pillows on sale that you can cover using your favorite wedding theme pattered fabric. By so doing, you will get those low-maintenance props that will add to the pattern and festive color of the day.

3. Escort Card Displays

Instead of opting for the outdated escort card table idea, think about creating a bulletin board of the seating arrangements and have it displayed close to the entrance to your wedding reception. The great thing about this idea is that it will ensure your guests don’t have to squint at tiny-tented cards trying to read their table number.

4. Flower Hangings

Most weddings concentrate flowers to the aisles and tables. However, you can go the extra mile and suspend lush arrangements a couple of feet above your guests. This is a fun way to create that harmoniously intimate space depicting your wedding. 

5. Chalkboard Signage

Not only are chalkboards in your wedding photo booth tons of fun, they also rank among the best wedding decoration ideas. You can use them to decorate the entrance to your wedding reception, jazz up the cocktail bar, and/or direct people towards your wedding venue. Think about personalizing them by getting an ancient frame and painting it up in the wedding décor colors you are using. Alternatively, drape it with a flower garland or greenery before chalking away.

6. Lamps

Create height on your wedding reception tables using elegant lamps. If you want, you can even skip the flowers. However, it would help if you could hide the cords away with greenery and/or flowers.

7. Herbs

Just because you opted for that super formal wedding does not necessary mean that you won’t be able to make your wedding decoration fun. Add such herbs as lavender or rosemary for that fragrant touch on your place settings.

8. Colored Glassware

Although you might choose to pour your entire wedding decoration budget into the main centerpieces, you have the choice of using some of that money to rent such extras as colored glassware. This choice will ensure that your tables pop instantaneously. 

9. Calligraphy Menus

Wedding Decoration Ideas 
Beautiful ideas for wedding decorations abound throughout Miami Florida. Add that special touch of class to your special wedding event by making sure you’ve got everything you need to create what memories are made of.

Most people print out their menus and escort cards. Don’t go along with the crowd but be uniquely you instead.  With this process in motion, take your wedding card design a step further by going the calligraphy route. The great thing is that there is a wide variety of scripts for all types of personalities. For instance, black tie formal weddings do better with traditional copperplate while farm to table chic wedding themes could do the same thing with free hand style. If your budget won’t be able to cover hiring a professional calligrapher, consider investing in young talent. Get a few students to work on the design for you and enjoy the fun that comes with making use of the gifts for a bit of pocket money to present to the happy couple. 

10. Popping Table Runner

Instead of having a couple of large floral centerpieces, consider spacing them out into smaller bud vases that span the entire length of the table runner. This will show off the pattern on the runner and the colorful detailing will ensure that your rental china pops. There are tons of other amazing wedding decoration ideas. However, the above should be able to spark ideas that lead to creations of your own.  Your day, your way – it’s the magic and wedding ceremonies are made of.  We encourage you to think about other ideas while leaving your suggestions in the comments below.


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