Panache Style Wedding Review

Panache Wedding Reviews


Overall Ranking: 4.8 out of 5 Stars

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Panache Style is an award winning full-service events and party planning company. It specializes in hosting outstanding corporate and social events. By hiring this company, you can be sure that you will get a thoroughly magical and enchanting wedding experience.

Whatever your vision, Panache Style is dedicated to making it all come true. To this end, their Wedding Event Planners will work within your budget while ensuring that you get to enjoy the best of their knowledge of the finest resource locations, outstanding organizational abilities, professional expertise, and creativity.

Panache Wedding Review
This review of wedding styles features Panache because they are a cut above the rest.

Laid back and casual or extravagant and formal, over the top or understated, all you have to do is make the decision and Panache Style will deliver. One thing is for sure when you hire this company – you will get the best there is in the market.


So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring Panache Style? Consider the following:


There are a number of benefits that arise from hiring Panache Style. These include, but are not limited to:

a) Versatility

Whether you need flowers delivered or a special design for your one-off event, Panache Style is always available. The company has an expansive array of gifts, plants, flowers, and roses to suit any occasion you might think up. The experienced staff will also work with you to come up with the one-of-a-kind floral arrangement that will take everyone’s breath away.

b) Experience

Panache Style also has experience helping clients like you send the perfect gift that will show the recipient just how much you care for them. The firm has a wonderful selection of birthday flower arrangements, gifts, corsages, and other flowers for you to make your choice from. As such, it is quickly growing in popularity for being the leading florists in Miami and surrounding areas.

c) Customized Services

It is good to note that Panache Style offers beautiful custom-designed wedding flower arrangements. These include boutonnieres, centerpieces, and wedding bouquets. Irrespective of your wedding floral needs, therefore, you can always count on the experts working at Panache to deliver.

d) Focus on Flowers

Panache can also help you when you need to send sympathy funeral and memorial flowers. The floral designers will get the best sentimental flowers and use them in the arrangements. What better way to show you care and are feeling the pain of loss than by using this service?

Panache Style Wedding Review
Are you looking for wedding reviews that prove your day will build memories worth a lifetime? Panache Style has what you are looking for.

e) Special Event Handling

In particular, Panache coordinates and plans a wide variety of special events. These include, but are not limited to:

– Weddings

– Parties

– Quinceaneras

– Sweet Sixteens

– Mitzvahs, both bar and bat

– Grand Openings

– Birthdays

– Galas

– Fundraisers

– Anniversaries

f) Event Handling

The company’s is particularly experienced in the planning and coordination of special themed events especially as they relate to weddings. The brains behind it will, therefore, work hand in hand with you to come up with the perfect theme and execute it within your budget and beyond your expectations.


a) Pricing

Although Panache Style offers exceptional quality services and products, their prices are a bit on the high side. However, few clients worry about this especially in the knowledge that the company always over-delivers on its promises, often exceeding the clients’ expectations. After all, can one put a value on professional quality, delivery, and execution?


Wedding Reviews Panache Style
Panache Style wedding reviews bring your hopes and desires to life in the happy arms of reality.

Panache Style was formed to ensure that the wedding day, event or party thrown by the client looks as fabulous as humanly possible. The company has taken it upon itself to understand the client and their desires and dreams. By so doing, these floral experts will know how to turn these dreams and desires into reality.

Panache has a fantastic history of creating the most amazing events and spell bounding weddings. The event and floral designers at the company, as such, are currently unmatched in the Miami Florida wedding market.

Panache Style serves anyone who needs any of the following:

  1. Wedding Florist

Primarily working as a wedding florist in Miami and the surround area, Panache Style provides services throughout the local area – including Boca, West Palm, and Fort Lauderdale. This professional florist has been part and parcel of the South Florida celebratory wedding industry since it set up shop in 2006.

As such, Panache Style offers original and beautiful floral options. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, graduation, or birthday, you can rely on the company’s heritage of service and quality to get the best of the best for your occasion.

Further, Panache will make it easy for you to go through the handcrafted special bouquets of flowers. All of these have been created by artisan designers, meaning you are going to get some beautiful arrangements. You can also place your orders online and the firm will deliver them on the same day. From roses to lilies, Panache Style is there for all the floral needs you have.

  1. Floral Architecture

Floral architecture involves the taking of traditional floral arrangements right up to the next level. When you hire Panache Style, you can rest assured that their experts will not just buy a couple of flowers and throw them together haphazardly. This is something even you can do.

Instead, Panache Style draws on the essence of the corporate event, party, or wedding scenarios and combines them with the attractiveness and natural beauty of the selected flowers. Then, the experts will build elegant works of art that are going to stay indelible in your memory for ages to come.

  1. Day of Coordination Services

Panache has years of experience working behind the scenes creating spell-binding floral décor and designs. This has given the company unique understanding and insight into events and weddings, as well as into what is required to make anything a resounding success.

As such, you can count on the day of coordination services that Panache Style provides. When you do this, you can relax knowing that the company is going to turn your day into a dreamland – one that you have been imagining in your mind since you thought up the event.

Panache Style has been the creative force involved in most of the exclusive of events in the area. The company comes up with fabulous weddings, which is why it is so sought after in the market.

The talented team of coordinators working at Panache is known for their innovative, luxurious, and elegant weddings and events. Therefore, you can be sure that Panache Style is the go-to company when you need someone to organize your corporate event, award show, product launch, premier, private party, mitzvah, or wedding.

The professional staff at the firm has also earned a reputation for the flawless event management services it provides. The best way to make your event as extraordinary and as unforgettable as possible, therefore, is by contracting Panache Style to do the job.


Wedding Review Panache
Review of Panache when it comes to serving in wedding and other such events. Make your day one full of memories that last a lifetime.

Although Panache Style started out as a floral design firm, the years of experience in the industry has taught it new needs that ought to be fulfilled. As such, it expanded its service offerings. Today, the firm produces and creates amazing corporate events, weddings, and parties. It has also added wedding concierge and design décor services to its unparalleled floral architecture expertise.

Whatever your wishes and dreams are, you can count on Panache Style to turn them into the resounding reality. The highly qualified team of artists and designers, to this end, will create and plan out any event you are thinking about. By so doing, they will ensure that you do not have to worry about anything. Instead, you can go about your daily life knowing that Panache has got you covered.

Anyway, Panache provides the following services:

– Party, wedding, and corporate event product

– Day of concierge

– Centerpieces

– Lighting

– Décor

– Delivery and set up of linens, chairs, and drapes, among others


Panache always offers timely support. To this end, you can be sure that the company will respond to any question, query, suggestion, or request in a timely fashion. The customer service desk is also highly responsive to all calls and emails from clients and interested parties.


The pricing for the products and services offered by Panache Style vary from one project to the other, as well as from one service to another. Contact the company to get a free, no-obligation quote.


Having tried the company out, we would give it a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. If you are looking for superior event décor, lighting and floral arrangements in Miami, then your best bet is to give Panache Style a call. This wedding planning, floral architecture, and event décor boutique will go over and beyond what you expect to deliver the best quality event you can think up. Having been in the local market for close to a decade, Panache Style has learned one thing: the client’s special day is important. As such, the firm will work hard to make that day the most important event ever by ensuring that it is as elegant as possible.